Lose belly fat? Three diet and exercise modifications to make



 First, the essentials. You need a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, less red meat and fatty dairy, and no "sugary and white flour"



 I've fought the bulge for years. I boxed and powerlifted as a kid. As a competitive athlete, I had a slim waist and six-pack abs.


 Despite eating well and exercising, my waistline shrank as I grew older, which was discouraging. I solved it.



 Even if you diet and exercise, eating all day triggers an insulin response. Dr. Mark Hyman, a respected health expert,


 Insulin resistance causes even more abdominal fat and makes it more tenacious.

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 Intermittent fasting lowers my insulin level during 18-hour fasts. You reach a fat-burning zone that reduces belly fat 


 Exercise now. Spot reduction doesn't work for belly fat loss, yet it's frequent. Spot reduction, which involves performing plenty 



 The abdominal exercise burnt few kcals. 30 minutes of abdominal workouts won't help you shed one pound of body fat



More significantly, the abdominal muscles cannot "reach out" and burn surrounding fat selectively.