Low-Impact Workout Helps Seniors Regain Their Strength

Aging might make it harder to maintain an active lifestyle, despite the fact that doing so is crucial to good health. 

 Therefore, it is crucial to choose forms of physical activity that not only benefit your health but also improve other aspects of your life.

Now, a recent scientific study conducted by Harvard University experts supports the idea that yoga is a fantastic alternative for assisting.

 Annals of Internal Medicine reported a meta-analysis of 33 trials with 2,384 patients aged 65 and above.

Hatha yoga, which includes Iyengar and chair-based practices, was shown by the researchers to improve both walking speed.

It's not the first time the benefits of yoga have been studied, but this is the first time they've been compared to a battery of medically.

Yoga was shown to have the strongest correlations with improvements in both walking speed (poor walking speed is related with a greater risk of mortality in older persons)

Notably, Yoga did not seem to affect either balance or handgrip strength, both of which are indicators of fragility.

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