Meaningful Memorial Day Activities for Kids

Study Memorial Day in literature

 These informative and interesting books are a great way to honor the courageous men and women who lost their life for our nation in the classroom.

Watch these videos to get the lowdown

Cute newscaster Broadcast Cal, explain Memorial Day to your class.

 Sing and play patriotic music.

These Memorial Day song recordings and lyrics are a great way to get your kids excited about the event. 

Compose a Memorial Day-themed "quick write"

Writing prompts for Memorial Day? To quickly respond to a question or prompt, try a "quick write." 

Inform Others About Memorial Day Facts

Before letting your children go home for the long weekend, take a moment to go over some of these facts about Memorial Day with them.

Discuss the five pillars of citizenship

The week of Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to teach children the importance of participating in their communities.

Memorial Day is a significant holiday? 

Use the following terms when describing the situation: In remembrance of those who have died for our freedom and honor.

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