Memorial Day Patriotic Events

Flag Collage Project

All ages may enjoy this creative activity. Students should be encouraged to design their own versions of the American flag.

Ranks and Services Puzzles

These puzzles, representing the many branches of the armed forces, are included in a set with all the necessary pieces.

Day Poppy

A student group may easily create this heartfelt project. A touching poem may be included; younger students could use it to practice reading sight words.


Students' understanding will be much enhanced by combining reading and writing in this way. 

Patriotic Thank You Banner

This American flag tissue paper banner will look fantastic hanging in any school setting. 

Heart Craft Slide

Encourage your pupils to make camouflage hearts to hang in the hallway or give as cards to veterans.

Our Bravest Exhibit 

Making a hero exhibit is a fantastic way to include your students' backgrounds and interests into the classroom. 

 Our Heroes Display 

Honor the men and women who have served their country and who have ties to the boys and girls in your classroom.

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