Metabolism: Fattening errors



 Our metabolism transforms food into energy, but simple errors may delay it, leading to obesity and fat storage. 

 Eating less


  This picture collection will teach us how to boost metabolism and improve health with right diet, exercise, and lifestyle.


 Our graphics and information will help you care for your body and reach your goals.  

Eating less

 Missing meals


 Skipping meals lowers metabolism and burns calories at rest. The body burns less and gains weight over time. Small, frequent meals boost metabolism.

 Not exercising

 When you don't exercise, you lose muscle mass, which lowers your calorie need and basal metabolic rate.

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 Water deficiency

 Water cleanses, hydrates, and maintains fitness. Drinking enhances satiety and triggers thermogenesis, which produces heat and burns energy.

 Sleeping poorly

 Sleeping well improves attention, athletic performance, and metabolism. Sleeping enough balances appetite

 Drinking alcohol


 Alcohol slows metabolism because the body stops burning calories to remove toxins.



More significantly, the abdominal muscles cannot "reach out" and burn surrounding fat selectively.