Move More Everyday

 Take the stairs


 Taking the stairs instead of the elevator boosts heart rate, balance, and lower-extremity strength. 

 Walk meetings

 Plug in your headphones, put your phone in your pocket, and fix the world's problems while walking. It's wonderful for changing up your routine.

 Launch it

 Lunge along grocery aisles while clutching the cart. The cart provides a decent balancing point, and depending on your supermarket's aisle length

 Exercise ball seat

 Switch to a stability ball. Sitting on the ball while doing neck, pelvic, and spine mobility exercises may assist with back discomfort and posture.

 Park far.

 If you're in a safe, well-lit neighborhood, park further from the door. A few minutes of walking here and there adds up and increases your daily step count!

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 Foster a pet

 Adoption organizations and our local shelter need volunteers. Volunteer to walk dogs at the shelter with the family.

 Dance party.

 Dancing improves balance and burns calories. Make it a game or contest with your kids. They should study 80s rock, right

 Change game night.

 A reminder: hide-and-seek, kick the can, scavenger hunts, Twister, frozen dance, potato sack races, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hopscotch, jump

 Stretch while TV.

 Watching a program and moving the entire time gives you 30 minutes of fitness! If you want to start small, try only during commercials.