Netflix Announces Official Password-Sharing Policy

Your ability to use your ex's Netflix account without paying seems to be coming to an end. Members are receiving emails from the streaming juggernaut today informing them of the new account-sharing policy. According to Netflix, each account is intended for usage by a single household. Whether they are at home or on the go, everyone who lives there has access to the service.

How Do You Share a Netflix Profile? Anyone with access to your account may move a profile to a new, paid subscription. That presumably saves user ratings and viewing history.

Share your Netflix account with people who don't reside with you, but it will cost you an extra $7.99 a month for each new member. Users of premium plans are permitted to add two more users. Regular subscribers are allowed to add one.

In the coming weeks, comparable adjustments will be implemented all around the world. Brazil, Bolivia, Belize, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, and other markets will experience this change in the future. Earlier this year, Netflix started cracking down on passwords in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain.

So exactly does Netflix determine if you are a member of a "household"? The business will keep note of how frequently a user's device connects to a Wi-Fi signal at home. Netflix will probably notice if you are merely using the Wi-Fi signal.

Although there are presently 232.5 million paid Netflix accounts available worldwide, the actual number of users is probably significantly higher given the prevalence of password sharing.