Patriotic Activities for Memorial Day

Create a Soldier in Your Own Words 

A terrific approach to honor this important event is with this creative writing exercise. 

Active Duty Care Packages

Each student may contribute by bringing one or more items for the care box. Greeting cards should not be overlooked.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

 Students may use this online treasure hunt to review material they've already learned by searching for relevant information.


This flipbook is great for kids to color and then show off to their loved ones.

Thank You Notes

The paper may be folded into a card. These might be glued on construction paper and hung as wall art in the corridors.

Honor a Veteran with a School Assembly

Invite a number of veterans into the classroom to inspire kids to create patriotic artwork, poetry, and music. 

Memorial Day a

Then kids will be able to draw parallels between the two celebrations. 

All About Soldiers

Students might further elaborate on the warriors they have been studying by compiling a list of descriptive adjectives.

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