Pineapple Weight Loss Smoothies



 I don’t usually post healthy eating recipes that are specifically for weight loss, but I know at this time of year many of us have wellness goals that include weight loss.



 There are many reasons why an individual may want to lose weight. I consulted as a Nutritionist for years helping people do just that. 


 It was always a focus of mine to make sure my clients had realistic weight loss goals while also supporting them in a balanced approach.


 This weight loss smoothie recipes is a twist on a smoothie I included in many client meal plans and it can help promote healthy weight loss in conjunction


 This all depends on what’s IN your smoothies! Because smoothies come in many combinations and sizes, there are those that can definitely support weight loss

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 This means no added sugar that comes from sweetened juices or other refined sugar sources. Whole fruits and small amounts of natural sweeteners


 Because smoothies are often fruit-forward, it’s very important they also contain protein to help balance the carbohydrates from the fruit.


   Just like protein the fat helps to balance out the sugar content of the smoothie, and it also makes the smoothie filling and satisfying.


 It is a good source of fibre and can help you feel more full and satisfied It contains natural digestive enzymes which support digestion