Rapid Weight Loss in Just 10 Days

Get Your Mind Right

Though the average person loses just three to four pounds of fat, they report feeling healthier and more energized after only one week.

Hydrating in the Gym

"Water is so important when trying to lose weight because it helps you feel full between meals." 

Forget About Calorie Counting

Long-term weight loss success is more probable when whole meals are prioritized over a certain calorie count.

Declare a Weeklong Sobriety

Alpert advises basing the remainder of the 10-day rapid weight reduction strategy around the catchy slogan "Lots of water."

Review Your Food Journal 

Day nine is when we'll get deep into the diet itself, so in the meanwhile, go ahead and start a notebook.

Getting Rid of the Soft Targets

Sugar increases from "processed foods," "white carbohydrates," and "sweetened drinks" might create hunger.

Kick off smart with a dish of taco salad

Also, "always make sure to have a lean protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner," she advises.

Run Hard!

"I believe in weight training for overall fitness and health, but if I'm trying to shed a few pounds, I'll up my cardio game for a few weeks," .

Try This Clean Eating Menu for a Day

Instead of going through a "detox," try Shapiro's restriction-free eating plan to kickstart your metabolism first thing in the morning.

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