Should You Exercise for Weight Loss?





Exercise improves happiness, lifespan, health, and social integration. Physically active communities are lean.



 The article observed unsatisfactory weight reduction outcomes and encouraged individuals to concentrate on exercise's health, lifespan, and happiness


 Weight reduction experiments usually included 30 minutes of moderate activity like brisk walking per day. Overweight persons seldom lost weight with these modifications.



 Hardly. After all, physically active communities are not overweight.3 The issue is that these people did not exercise enough to maintain a healthy weight. What's enough?


 Imagine a headache treatment experiment using one-third of an aspirin. Researchers would incorrectly assume that aspirin did not treat pain.

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 Overweight patients who exercised 90 minutes per day lost weight permanently in a minority of trials. Not all participants benefitted.


 Many decades ago, animals given limitless sugar-laden drinking water became obese. 




 Obesity from diet sugar? Sugary foods and beverages raise blood sugar, which releases insulin to remove sugar



 Insulin levels are high with sugary diets. Thus, insulin receptors lose sensitivity, raising blood sugar.