Squats for Weight Loss  

 Gain muscle.


 The squat may improve entire body strength and bulk better than addressing each muscle group individually

 burns more calories

 Squats burnt 35 calories per minute, the highest of any workout studied, according to a study.

 body composition

 Body composition is how your mass is degraded.  For instance, two 150-pound persons with 30% fat mass would seem more out-of-shape than one with 15%.


 Leg extension and curl machines isolate a muscle. If you just perform machine exercises, you may plateau faster since isolated motions have shorter growth

 Squats boost metabolism

 Your metabolic rate rises because moving the weight demands so much energy. Post-workout recovery employs this higher metabolic rate 

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  Improved fitness

 Your aim is to improve your 15-minute rep count over time.  Track your progress and see whether your condition is improving.

 toughen your mind.

 Being psychologically tough won't help you lose weight, but it will help you conquer the various hurdles you'll experience throughout training.

 useful gym exercises.

All humans squat. Many nations rest in a deep squat. Young and elderly can squat for minutes.  

 useful gym exercises.

 Weightlifters use squats for warming up, auxiliary work, and strength.