Sudden Cardiac Arrest

When the heart abruptly stops beating, an individual is in immediate danger of dying. The individual then loses consciousness and ceases breathing.

 The patient needs immediate care or they will die. If help arrives quickly enough, there is hope for survival. 

 According to the National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute, sudden cardiac arrest is responsible for between 300,000 and 450,000 annual fatalities in the United States. 

Many people incorrectly assume that sudden cardiac danger is the same thing as a heart attack.

 "Sudden cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack. When blood supply to the heart is cut off, this causes an attack.

A blockage is not the cause of sudden cardiac arrest. However, the heart's electrical activity can change due to a heart attack, resulting in cardiac arrest.

Anyone can experience sudden cardiac arrest, but the risk can be lowered by not smoking, not drinking excessively, maintaining a healthy body weight.

According to cardiologists interviewed by Health, time is of the essence in the event of a medical emergency such as a sudden heart arrest. If you need medical advice, see your doctor.  

Stadiums, bus and railway stations, schools, and workplaces have all installed automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) to help individuals until emergency.

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