The #1 Top-Recommended Exercise To Build Bigger Muscles Fast

Dr. Bohl recommends three to six sets of six to 12 reps with the most weight you can comfortably lift. "More weight and fewer reps is better for muscle growth, while less weight and more reps is better for muscular endurance," he says.

1. Use a higher weight, and complete fewer reps.

Slowly dropping weights. Muscles are challenged the longer they're under tension. "Going slowly—especially during the eccentric (weight-lowering) phase of working out—causes more pro-growth hormones to be released," says Dr. Bohl.

2. Take things slow.

Working out hard is vital, but so is resting and recovering. "At the gym, practice multiple workouts that target the muscles you want to build—just one or two won't grow muscle quickly. Dr. Bohl advises us to rest between workouts so muscles can recuperate and get stronger.

3. Go hard during your "on" days, and rest on your "off" days.

Before hitting the gym, eat the essential nutrients to power your efforts. "A carbohydrate-rich snack can give your body the energy it needs for an intense gym session," Dr. Bohl says. "Pre-workout caffeine boosts performance."

4. Consume the right foods before workouts.

Weightlifting only contributes. Feeding your body enough nourishment to create muscle is essential. Rethink your diet if it lacks protein. "To stimulate muscle protein synthesis all day long, eat at least 20 grams of protein every three hours (and consider having a snack with casein protein before bed)

5. Get your fill of protein throughout the day.