The 3 Most-Effective Abs Exercises You Can Do at Home Using Just a Wall

How to: Start lying on your back with your head facing a wall and scoot forward until you can press your palms firmly onto the wall (fingers pointing toward the floor) with straight arms. 

1. Wall Deadbug

While pressing your palms into the wall, elevate your bent legs into the air so your knees are above your hips and your shins are parallel to the floor. Lower your right heel to tap the floor without straightening your legs, then pull that knee back over your hip and swap sides. For 10–15 reps per side, alternate heel taps.

How to: Start in a forearm plank position with your heels against the wall and elbows beneath your shoulders. Keep your spine long and tight, hugging your abs to the ceiling. Hold for 20–60 seconds or 5–10 breaths.

2. Plank Against a Wall

If you want to make it harder, come to a high plank posture on your hands and place your feet flat against the wall so that your heels are in line with your hips and shoulders (approximately 12 inches from the floor). 

You want to feel like you're dragging your hands down the wall in this wall-based ab exercise. Ways to: Face a wall with your feet six inches from the base and your arms extended straight overhead, biceps near ears, palms pressing into the wall. 

3. Hollow Body on a Wall

Tuck your tailbone and hug your ribs down toward your hips, then press your hands tight against the wall and feel like you could slide them down without moving them. Try to hold this position for 20–60 seconds. Always keep your abs taut.