The 5-Minute Daily Workout for Women To Melt Hanging Belly Fat

The lunge is an effective core and lower-body workout. Use body weight or free weights. As you maintain proper form, PureGym says this move strengthens your core. Lunges accelerate metabolism, helping you lose weight.

1. Reverse Lunges

"Take a long step back—long enough so that your knees make two 90-degree angles at the bottom—and pull yourself back up with your forward leg," Yeung advises for reverse lunges. Start with dumbbells and progress to barbell back or front squats." Six or more leg reps.

The T-pushup starts with a pushup/high plank with your hands under your shoulders and your torso straight. "Descend to the bottom, and as you're pushing up, extend one hand to the sky," Yeung says. Eye that hand. Reach up again. Dumbbells increase difficulty. Put your hands on a table or bench to make it easier. Five or more reps per side.

2. T-Pushups

Jumping jacks have many benefits. Jumping jacks strengthen your heart and lungs. This bodyweight routine also builds muscle, improves coordination, and aids weight loss.

3. Jumping Jacks

Standing tall with your feet together, start jumping jacks. Keep your hands by your sides. Jump up rapidly with both arms aloft and feet out. After jumping out, leap back in and lower your arms. Jump for 20 seconds.