The Best Exercises to Lose Weight 

1. Low-intensity cardio

Low-intensity exercise can assist beginners and those with physical limitations lose weight.Jogging, biking, power walking, swimming, and aerobics are examples.

2. Jumprope

jumping rope boosts coordination, cognition, and heart rate, burning 1,300 calories each hour.


This aerobic activity burns calories and fat, making it popular. It incorporates 15-second rests between intensive bursts of exercise to raise your heart rate.

Cardio raises your heart rate. According to FamFits fitness expert and nutritionist Multazim Shaikh, the higher your heart rate, the more fat you burn, making these fantastic weight reduction exercises.

Split cardio into three daily sessions if you're busy. Example: Exercise 20 minutes before work, walk 20 minutes at lunch, and exercise 20 minutes after supper.

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