The One Epic 10-Minute Incline Workout For Reducing Belly Fat

Treadmill incline workouts are fitness activities. This workout involves hiking uphill to overcome gravity. "That additional resistance can make them effective at stimulating some of our largest muscle systems, like the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and abs," says Inside Bodybuilding personal trainer Craig. 

Most people use incline treadmills. These workouts can be inventive. These incline workouts can be modified for stair climbers or neighborhood hills. Beginners can start running with incline training.

"Incline workouts help reduce belly fat because they can burn calories," Craig adds. Incline working burns 30% more calories than flat-ground walking or jogging since you're adding resistance.

You get the afterburner effect from intervals in many incline workouts. Interval workouts can improve your heart rate and strengthen your circulatory system. You'll also recover better from cardio.

Now for the 10-minute incline belly fat workout. Craig recommends walking slowly for two minutes to warm up before increasing the treadmill's slope to 5. If it's too hard, lower the incline or increase it as your muscles get stronger. Craig's workout plan:

1. Jog two minutes. 2. Slow down and practice two-minute walking lunges. Don't jiggle your knee when walking lunges. Avoid full depth, drive forward into the lunge, stand up, and repeat on the other side. 3. Left-legged sidewalk for two minutes. 4. Walk left-legged in a half-squat. This exercise burns quads. Take breaks and slow down if needed.

5. Right-legged sidewalk for two minutes. 6. Reverse for two minutes. Walking backward on a slope or incline can be good for your knees. Treadmills have handrails for stability and slowing down. 7. Walk slowly for 2 minutes after the workout.

Craig emphasizes warming up and cooling down before and after this 10-minute incline workout. Warming up and cooling down prevents injury and pain. "Take it slow—these can be difficult movements, but you'll feel stronger as you do them," he says. Discover our treadmill mistakes.