This 10-move "lazy girl workout" strengthens.

We all have days when exercise doesn't sound pleasant, but that doesn't mean you should stop.

Listen to your body and choose a low-impact, low-intensity workout over HIIT or the heaviest adjustable dumbbell. Any movement is better than none.

For low-energy days, try Julie Cap's @juliexfit Instagram workout. Cap calls it a "lazy girl workout" without standing or jumping.

However, it will raise your heart rate and build muscle without weights—a no-excuses workout.

So, whether it's that time of the month or you've had a long day at work, this routine will become your go-to way to get moving when a night of Netflix on the couch is calling your name.

Try three 10-move rounds with minimal breaks between exercises and one minute of rest between rounds. If you're exhausted, you can rest more between rounds or movements.

This workout engages the core. Breathing into your stomach and lowering your ribcage without rounding your back engages your core.

Core strengthening exercises help improve stability and lower back discomfort by relieving tension on this easily injured area, hence we recommend them.

More low-impact workouts? This seven-move dumbbell workout builds strength without overworking. If you like a speedier workout, try this 20-minute HIIT program (remember, no leaping).

If you need a break, try these inexpensive self-care solutions. These basic yoga stretches are a low-impact technique to exercise and connect mind and body.

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