This carb is best for belly fat loss.



 Carbs have been the weight loss "enemy" for decades. Carbohydrates are necessary for our bodies



 Belly fat isn't merely bothersome. Cardiovascular, metabolic, and Type 2 diabetes are associated to belly fat.


  We asked trained dietitians whether carbohydrates help lose belly fat, and many said yes.


 Oatmeal, a carbohydrate, may help you reduce belly fat, so consume more of it for breakfast. "Oatmeal has so much fiber that it helps keep us full


 Dyer also recommended fruit and quinoa for daily carbohydrates to decrease abdominal fat.

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 We don't only provide positive news. Many carbs cause abdominal fat. Quintero advises against baked food initially. 


 Baked goods are loaded with refined sugar and preservatives with low nutritional value that quickly add up tons of calories



 Fried meals and sugary drinks are off limits. "Fried foods are high in calories and oil," Quintero explains. "Sodas and sweetened beverages quickly

 Wins the Race

 She recommends salmon too. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which boost metabolism and help you reduce belly fat quicker.