This Milk Is Bad for Weight Loss  





 Weight reduction requires a good diet, frequent exercise, gut health, and low inflammation. 



 Inflammation is normal, but it may create insulin resistance, which can lead to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. Unfortunately, your daily diet


  the worst inflammatory milk for weight loss, which you may be adding to your coffee. 



 She recommended avoiding non-organic whole milk to reduce inflammation. See how drinking this milk frequently affects your health below!


 Try organic, low-fat milk to lose weight and reduce inflammation. Sabat says non-organic whole milk is the worst.

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 Bovine growth hormone and antibiotics in non-organic milk may cause inflammation, she says. 


 Red meat like beef has more cholesterol than chicken or fish. Red meat is connected to stomach problems and heart disease.




"These hormones and antibiotics can disrupt the body's natural balance of hormones, which can lead to inflammation,"



 cholesterol and fat. "Whole milk makes the product higher in cholesterol and saturated fat, both of which can lead to inflammation and weight gain,