Tips to Make Meals Mindful

 Not painting. I cook.


 Making your next meal might be a chance to calm down and enjoy the moment, but it takes practice to do so.

 Don’t overcommit.

 I served my supper 3 hours late since prep took longer than intended. Sometimes I mistimed and my main dish went cold while the sides cooked.

 Rainbow food

 Be careful of the colors in your recipe to spice up a basic meal and make it thoughtful.

 Enjoy the stir.

 The repetitious portions of cooking—moving onions around a pan, combining spices into a soup, or whipping cream into a frothy dessert topping

 Body awareness

 Not simply food demands your attention. You can cook because your body is with you.

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 Observe your breathing

 I breathe shallowly while eating fast. I concentrate on the product rather than the process.

 Stop time

 That way, you can work without feeling like your hungry family members are twiddling their thumbs and drumming their feet.

 Set the scene

 Keep it low enough to hear the meal frying, boiling, and coming alive.

 Ritualize it.

 Cooking offers daily mindfulness practice. It might be an opportunity to be present rather than a chore.