Tom Holland claims a year of sobriety.

Tom Holland said a recent job made him stop drinking. Filming the murder drama The Crowded Room transformed his mental health outlook. He stated he had been clean for a year and four months.

On May 9, the Spider-Man actor told Entertainment Weekly how the role affected him. “I’ve done the whole action-movie thing,” he remarked. 

But the mental element really banged me up and it took a long time for me to recuperate and come back to reality.”

Billy Milligan's dissociative identity disorder inspired Holland's role in the program. He was arrested for a 1979 Rockfeller Centre shooting.

Holland stated she saw herself in the character in her own life. “I had a meltdown at home and thought, ‘I’m going to shave my head. 

Shave my head to get rid of this persona. I didn't since we were mid-shoot. It was unique.”

The Last Call actor and executive producer stated The Crowded Room gives “an insight into the power of the human mind” and “the ways in which we can deal with trauma.”

“I hope Crowded Room viewers have more respect and sympathy for people with mental health issues,” the actor said. 

“I hope people feel educated about mental health, the struggles, and our incredible abilities to survive.”

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