Top 10 Exercises for Exercise Haters

Finding your passion

Sitting too much doesn't need marathon training. Try one or more of the following options—none of them feel like exercise—to discover one you prefer.

Play videogames

Almost every popular video game platform has a fitness-based game that uses motion-tracking technology

Make an obstacle course.

Fun, outdoor, and challenging activities are the greatest. "Create your own neighborhood obstacle course."

Batting cages

Swinging the bat is a great workout for your upper body, legs, and abs

Jump rope

The social media Jump Rope Queen and former dancer, thinks adults can do it too. Delaney proves jumping rope's full-body appeal.

Be a kid again

If you have tiny kids, you can run about or perform the crab walk all day. Join their fun to be the cool parent or beloved aunt or uncle.

Play sports.

Nearly every city or community has a recreational sports league with a host of teams you can join for a small fee

Face workout

Facial Magic is based on a 100-year-old French method of proven resistance exercises that lift, tone, and tighten sagging facial muscles and skin

Dance party!

Fifty to 60 minutes on your feet while moving to the beat can burn up to 450 calories

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