Top 7 Weight Loss Smoothies

Peanut Butter-Strawberry-Kale Smoothie

This green smoothie recipe, which is inspired by the classic PB&J, is perfect for a portable, nutritious breakfast on the run. 

Berry-Coconut Smoothie

Lentils are a great source of fiber and protein that may be used to a smoothie in place of dairy or protein powder. 

Cranberries and Apples

Smoothie fans will love this twist on a traditional fruit juice.

Creamsicle Breakfast Smoothie

Coconut water is a fantastic hydrator for mild exercises since each serving provides more than 10 percent of the daily value of potassium.

Strawberry banana protein smoothie

This healthy smoothie recipe has Greek yogurt and nut butter for added protein and omega-3s from ground flaxseed.

Blended Pumpkin Pie

Enjoy all the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte without the sugary aftertaste with this nutritious smoothie recipe. 

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