Top 8 walking mistakes people make.

Wearing the wrong shoes

In general, a good walking shoe has high-quality cushioning that allows for foot flexion, and I always recommend a rubber sole

Looking down

 This "leads to a plodding gait [walking pattern], instead of a fluid gait that allows the ground reaction forces to be dissipated throughout the [walking] cycle"


Taking longer steps may seem like an efficient approach to increase your walk, but it really stresses your musculoskeletal system. 

Having poor posture

Keeping your head up and avoiding gazing at your feet is a good start, but slouching may put too much strain on your feet and joints, affecting your balance and mobility over time.

Never walking outside

After winter's thaw, walking outdoors has several health benefits: Nature reduces stress, enhances mental health, and decreases the risk of most chronic illnesses, according to research.

Not stretching

Dr. Lee says hip, spine, and pelvic tightness may cause undesirable walking behaviors including leaning forward, looking down, or slouching. 

Ignoring physical strength

Walking appears like a "easy" activity, but Dr. Busko warns against doing "too much too soon" or suddenly changing the intensity, topography, or length of their stroll.

Ignoring flat feet

Dr. Lee warns that flat feet may cause long-term ankle and tendon discomfort. Getting orthotics (shoe supports) from a professional helps avoid future problems if you suffer walking trouble.

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