Tropicana will be demolished to make way for a baseball stadium.

According to an organization analyst, the construction of a Major League Baseball stadium for the Athletics franchise on the Las Vegas Strip.

When asked if the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Resort would be demolished, Jeremy Aguero, who works on behalf of Applied Analysis for the Athletics.

Principal analyst at Applied Analysis Aguero verified to 8 News Now Investigators on Monday that the Tropicana resort would be redeveloped.

Bally's Corporation announced earlier in the day that it had reached a binding agreement with the Athletics organization to construct a new stadium.

Previously, the Athletics had disclosed a distinct agreement with Red Rock Resorts for a nearly 100-acre site near Tropicana Boulevard and Interstate 15.

According to reports, the new agreement would reduce the required public funding to $395 million.

Regarding proposals for a 'baseball village' on the former site, Aguero states that the feature is no longer feasible.

Aguero stated that there will not be a baseball village identical to what would have been constructed on the Wild Wild West site. 

The MLB stadium will benefit from the restaurants, entertainment, and hospitality options in and around the resort corridor, as will its spectators.

The agreement comes just days after the Athletics and Culinary Unions reached an agreement guaranteeing workers' right to organize.

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