Unexpected Daily Habit That Is Destroying Your Metabolism

How not eating enough slows your metabolism

You may assume that limiting food and calories is the greatest way to reduce weight. Depriving yourself of adequate calories each day may decrease your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight.

Your body needs energy (aka calories) in order to do its daily functions and to keep you alive." If you don't eat enough, your health is at stake, which might hinder your weight reduction.

"If you're not bringing in enough energy from food, your body's going to prioritize its essential functions like your heart, lungs, and brain.

This puts your body into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and making weight loss difficult."

What does it mean to be in "starvation mode"? 

Your body is intuitive, so when it's unsure of the next time it's going to get food, it holds onto and rations what it already has in order to keep you alive.

This causes a sluggish metabolic rate and, ultimately, weight gain or stagnation. Don't deny yourself by skipping meals!

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