Vegetables Are Surprising Sources of Protein


Yes, peas! Five grams of protein are in 3/4 cup of these greens.


One gram of protein per cup of fresh spinach. It's not much, but a four-cup spinach salad is something.

Broccoli Raab

Broccoli raab has 17 grams of protein per bunch, but it's a lot. However, a half bunch provides plenty of the nutrition.

Brussels Sprouts

Boiling cruciferous veggies yields four grams of protein and fiber per cup.

Button Mushrooms

White mushrooms include three grams of protein per cup. Mushrooms are fungus, not vegetables, but whatever.

Turnip Greens

These fibrous greens have the strong texture of kale but a milder taste. Five grams of protein per cup of cooked turnip greens.

Sweet Corn

Protein and fiber are three grams per medium cob. Summery taste.


Superfoods are protein-rich. or some of the nutrient. Three grams of cooked kale per cup.

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