Ways to Increase Your Running Stamina

Start slow and tackle small steps

It's best to take things slowly and strive for gradual increases in your training program, even if you feel ready to increase your distance or pace.

Add strength training

You need to supplement your jogging with weight training sessions if you aren't currently doing so.

Commit to training

Maintaining a regular training schedule is essential if you want to improve your running endurance.

Alter rest times and intervals

Stonehouse says he prefers to increase the intensity of his running intervals and decrease the recovery time between them.

Sprint interval training

Sprint interval training is a kind of high-intensity training used by many athletes in sports such as running to improve performance.

Train for your distance

According to Stonehouse, your intervals should be timed or spaced out in proportion to the length of the race you're preparing for.

Slowly increase weekly mileage

Beginners should focus on gaining strength via resistance training and gradually increasing their mileage. 

Use heart rate data

Increasing your running endurance may be as simple as utilizing the data from a heart rate monitor.

Increase running volume

While a mile or 1,600 meters may not seem like a long distance, time is of the essence in a race against the clock.

Focus on running economy

Running economy is a measure of the amount of energy required to maintain a steady submaximal pace when running.

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