Weight-loss shakes—do they work?



 Weight-loss drinks and meal-replacement smoothies may help you lose weight and control cravings, but they're not sustainable. 



 Weight-loss shakes, often termed liquid meal replacements, replace one or more meals or snacks.


 Weight-loss shakes are easy and portion-controlled. "They have a fixed number of calories, usually 160 to 290 per shake, and contain key nutrients



 "Using weight-loss shakes helps simplify the decisions you need to make about what to eat and can reduce [the] time needed to prepare meals,"


 Weight-loss shakes work temporarily. Delahanty claims that using portion-controlled snacks to replace two meals a day

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 Shakes have less calories than meals. "A caloric deficit, regardless of how it is achieved, can stimulate weight loss.


 Obese people dropped more than twice as much weight when they substituted all their meals with weight-loss shakes for three weeks. S



  "Weight-loss shakes can be beneficial for short-term weight loss because they help with calorie control while providing all the essential nutrients your body needs."


 Weight reduction may be permanent if you drink weight-loss smoothies forever. Most individuals shouldn't live on weight-loss shakes.