Weight Loss Tips and Strategies

  Diet is key


 he doesn't change people's diets too often. Instead, “cut out maybe one or two things that might not be best for them, and slowly

 Remove your fitness tracker.


 “People workout to burn calories, but they severely overestimate the amount they burn at the gym.

 Body restructuring

 The workout-calorie burn paradigm has a flip side: if you perform a lot of exercise without replenishing, you may be impeding muscle-building.

 Body restructuring

 Muscle and fat loss go together. The scale may show a minor weight increase, but don't worry. 


 Protein reigns in muscle-building refueling. Protein really aids weight reduction on a cellular level.

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 Lean protein from healthy foods like skinless chicken, turkey, white fish, and Greek yogurt is still best. 

 Take Advantage

 Psychology and environment influence our eating patterns and appetites. For instance, loading the front of your fridge 



 Many have been there. Your blood pressure rises as you walk on the scale to evaluate your health.

 Wins the Race

 Big things have small beginnings. The same can be said of long-term weight loss, which goes relatively quickly even over the course of a year.