What's the Weight Loss Timeframe?



 Women burn 5–10% less calories during rest. Thus, males lose weight faster than women on calorie-equivalent diets.


 This shift and other variables including the decreased calorie demands of your main organs reduce RMR

 The start

 Based on your baseline weight, gender, age, and calorie intake and expenditure, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Body Weight Planner may help you lose weight 

 Calorie shortfall

 Losing weight requires a calorie deficit. This calorie shortfall determines weight loss speed.


 Some mistake thirst with hunger. When you require water, you may consume more calories.

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 Avoid a significant calorie deficit.

 It would be unsustainable and cause vitamin shortages. It may also make you lose muscle rather than fat.


 One night of sleep deprivation increases cravings for high-calorie, nutrient-poor meals including cookies, cakes, sugary drinks, and chips

 Other considerations

 Medications. Antidepressants and other antipsychotics may increase or decrease weight 

 Weight-loss diet

 With so many weight reduction programs promising fast and dramatic results, it may be hard to choose.