When You Don't Get Enough H2O,  What Happens?

Perhaps you aren't getting enough fluids throughout the day, which could explain why you've been feeling hungrier than usual.

Hunger signals for salty or starchy meals that help the body retain water may arise when you're dehydrated.

When you have a headache, drink some water before looking for medication. 

Drink water regularly throughout the day to prevent future headaches rather than waiting for dehydration symptoms to appear.

Fluid is important because it lubricates your joints and tissues and helps move food along in your digestive track.

If you aren't getting enough water, your bowel movements may slow down, causing an unpleasant back up of waste. 

This may help you feel less dehydrated and less likely to get a "hangover" from the sugar and caffeine in your drink an hour or two later. 

Caffeinated beverages have a modest diuretic impact, so although they may help you stay hydrated, they can also cause you to urinate more often.

Dehydration is linked to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. You may automatically think of athletes when you hear about these disorders.

High internal temperatures, extreme fatigue, and dry, heated skin are among symptoms of heatstroke. 

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