Why making your bed really matters

Excuses and doing it are both simple.

Excuses are simple, but so is making our beds in the morning. In seconds.

It's significant.

Bedmaking has unexpected advantages. Our behavior displays our character. Most of our actions are similar.

Organizing and thinking

Making your bed motivates you to live an organized, considerate, responsible, balanced, and successful life.

Best foot forward

If the first thing we do in the morning is poor, hurried, or skipped, it sets the tone for the day and allows us to behave this way with subsequent chores.

Starting with one modest success

The day begins well. The slightest achievement sets the tone for the day.

Finishing chores

"Make your bed every morning." It will boost your confidence and inspire you to do more tasks.

Our modest trait is important.

The one morning duty would have evolved into several, proving that the small things matter.

Cleanliness is motivating.

Making your bed inspires room organization. You'd make your bed before cleaning your room.

It might inspire you to decorate.

Even better, making your bed will likely lead to further bedroom improvements and decorations. 

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