Women's Fat-Loss Program at Muscle & Strength

If you're a healthy woman who wants to get in shape by lifting weights and doing cardio, this 10-week program is for you.

Calorie burning may be increased by engaging in workouts that use more than one muscle group at a time. 

In the long term, you will burn a lot more calories doing compound lifts rather than doing isolated workouts.

After 10 weeks, your muscles should be tighter, leaner, and stronger, and your body composition should have improved.

The exercises themselves will mostly target the thighs and buttocks. There will also be upper body exercises that target the chest, back, and shoulders.

Finally, we've incorporated cardio and core exercise to increase your daily calorie burn and help you tone your abs for a trimmer silhouette.

The recommended rest time between sets and exercises in these routines is 30–90 seconds.

On circuit days, you shouldn't stop to relax until after you've finished the whole circuit.

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