Women's Hairstyles That Men Find Most Attractive

Feathered Layers

Some males think women look best with medium-length feathery layers. Feathered layers give hair movement and structure. The medium length provides femininity and styling possibilities.

Curly Hair

One guy thinks ladies with curly hair are gorgeous. They find natural curls charming and lovely. 

Slightly Curled Straight Hair

For casual, relaxed hairstyles, softly curled straight hair down to the shoulder blades works. Men like the balance of straight and wavy hair, which gives sensuality and gentleness. 

Long and Loose hair

Men want long, flowing hair. One likes the "hair bra" style and long hair. They like hair accessories too.

Fuzzy Hair From a Bun

One guy likes a woman's fluffy hair at the back of her head that grows in all directions. They feel it heated for no reason.

The Bold and Confident Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are a beloved haircut for some men, but not for women. It's distinctive and gives women confidence. It also highlights a woman's face and bone structure.

Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Straight and Shiny Hair

Since Aniston's "Rachel" hairstyle on "Friends" became a craze in the 1990s, they call it basic and classic. Women still want her beautiful, lustrous hair.

Edgy Charm of the Undercut Hairstyle

Men find the undercut appealing. They love punk-rock, asymmetrical style. It conveys nonconformity. 

Sophisticated Bob

Check out the jawline-length bob! Some males consider this the sexiest hairdo for women. Its versatility and confidence make it great for every occasion.

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