Workouts for Every Inch of Your Body


Lunges accomplish this by fostering functional movement and strengthening the quadriceps and glutes.


Drop and hand me twenty! Pushups are one of the most fundamental and effective bodyweight exercises due to the number of muscles.


Squats improve lower body and abdominal strength, as well as lower back and hip flexibility.

Dumbbell pulls

 Not only is the standing overhead press one of the finest shoulder exercises, but it also engages your upper back and core.

Weighted pairs

Select a moderately heavy dumbbell and be sure to squeeze at the peak of the movement.

Single-leg deadlifts

This is yet another balance-challenging exercise. Single-leg deadlifts necessitate limb strength and stability.


An exercise we love to despise, burpees are a whole-body exercise that is incredibly efficient for cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.

Side lunges

A strong core is the foundation of a healthy body, so don't neglect core-specific exercises like the side plank.


 Planking stabilizes your core without putting burden on your back, as sit-ups and crunches may.

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